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Transport ordering

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Streamline the processes within the logistics department

The transport ordering module automates communication with subcontractors and facilitates the transport assignment process, providing savings for the company.

The software is recommended for manufacturing, commercial and forwarding companies.

Digitalization of transport ordering processes ensures strategic competitive advantage.

Wojciech Stodolski Logistics Specialist - Stölzle Glass Group

The implementation of Infracht app in Stölzle Glass Group improved the efficiency of the logistics department and enhanced many processes, including the selection of subcontractors and the optimization of transport rates of goods. The use of the request for proposal has proven that the most expensive and the cheapest offers from our carriers can differ up to 33%! Introducing the notice module provided greater control over the process of delivering loads and streamlined the flow of information on transport companies executing orders.

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Optimization of transport ordering process

Phone and email communication with carriers aimed at arranging the details of orders and transportation rates requires high workload of logisticians. Infracht Platform enables a two-directional, fast and precise exchange of transport data between companies and subcontractors.

Transport can be ordered based on fixed contracts made with carriers, catalogues of prices and routes (pricebooks), as well as spot sale of loads.

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assignment of loads to contracted carriers

Companies ordering transport based on contracts or fixed rates can substantially streamline the workflow of their logistics departments by assigning loads within seconds.

Based on the catalogue of prices and routes, logisticians using the system can assign loads to subcontractors with one click.

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the number of phone calls and emails to and from subcontractors reduced by up to 80%

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full transparency of transactions

Automatic assignment of loads

Automatic transfer and distribution of transport orders to subcontractors is governed by defined algorithms.

A carrier receiving such a transport order has a defined deadline to accept or reject it.


improving the efficiency of the logistics department through the automation of processes


ability to redirect the work of logisticians to value-added operations


proportionate assignment of loads according to rates and volumes of contracted transports


transparency of transactions

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Spot sale of loads

Spot transport ordering lets you obtain current offers for the transport of goods from closed groups of subcontractors invited to cooperate or from all 10,000 carriers registered on the platform.

Three methods of posting loads allow to optimize transport rates, sell the load quickly or obtain and compare offers.


Fix the starting price for the transport of goods, carriers will then submit offers in a Dutch auction.

Buy Now

Determine the Buy Now price and receive an offer of transport from a carrier.


Post a load and receive price offers from carriers. Pick the best one according to your preferences.

Real-time monitoring of responses to loads

The Platform enables the real-time monitoring of the activities of carriers and offers submitted by them. The data are displayed in the form of a status list. Thanks to this option, you can see who:

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has submitted an offer

is not interested in the load

has viewed the load

Mariusz Sapiołka Purchasing Specialist - Multi Packaging Solutions

The logistics platform delivered by Infracht is a tool we have been searching for for a long time. The system is transparent and highly intuitive, which makes it very easy to operate both by our employees and carriers. With the help of Infracht team, the implementation of the platform in our company went smoothly and seamlessly.

Monitoring of loading / unloading statuses

Carriers are able to remotely confirm the loading and unloading of goods. All information concerning the transport statuses is updated and visible to the customer in the system.

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greater control over the goods delivery process

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less phone calls and emails from employees to confirm the loading or unloading

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access to the transport status from anywhere

Electronic circulation of documents

All participants of the supply chain can include documents concerning the transport executed in the system.

Just enclose a scan or a photo of documents required with a particular load.

The digitalization of processes ensures:

  • more efficient workflow
  • fast and easy access to transport documents in the system
  • sharing and archiving of documents
  • shorter time of waiting for the payment
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Always up-to-date notice data

The carriers can add and update notice data for particular loads themselves (driver data, registration numbers of vehicles, trailers). The system notifies customers of all changes on an ongoing basis.


- easier communication between the customer and the carrier aimed at obtaining notice data
- permanent access to current data in the system

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Time and money saving, increased security

- personalized IT tool for your company
- no need for deployment, unlike classic IT systems (SaaS model)
- no costs related to installation and maintenance of software and hardware or the work of IT specialists

The collected and processed data are stored in the cloud, which guarantees their security and high availability.

Krzysztof Rajkiewicz Logistics Specialist - Swiss Krono

Infracht Logistics Platform definitely facilitates cooperation with carriers, simplifies the procedure of checking current rates and saves a lot of working time. The decrease in transport costs is also of no little importance.