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The first B2B freight exchange in Poland, connecting carriers, customers and freight forwarders without contracts, subscription, or hidden charges.

Lets the information of the load reach thousands of transport and forwarding companies at a time.

10 000

approved carriers


Up to 20% reduction of transport costs!

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No subscription

No contracts

No hidden charges


The General Exchange lets you sell loads without the need to pay subscription fees or other fixed charges.


The flexible settlement model enables companies to use monthly packages according to their individual needs.

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Work only with approved carriers and forwarders

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In order to minimize the risk of our contractors, we audit every transport and forwarding company registered on the platform.

Every day we check:

  • registration documents and company history
  • amount and validity of the carrier's and forwarder's liability insurance
  • validity of transport and forwarding licenses
  • we cooperate only with companies with a stable market position

Permanent access to carriers' and forwarders' transport documents

General Exchange provides access to copies of:

  • registration documents
  • carrier's and forwarder's liability insurance
  • transport and forwarding licences
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A user-friendly form for posting loads

Taking into account the customers' and forwarders; remarks, we have introduced a load posting form containing only the details significant to carriers.

You can also save your time with the convenient copying option. The saved form can be edited and modified when posting new loads.

Flexible options of posting loads

Three methods of posting loads that match the users' needs allow them to optimize transport rates, sell the load quickly or obtain and compare offers.


Post a load and receive price offers from interested carriers. Choose the best one according to your preferences.

Buy Now

Determine the Buy Now price and receive an offer of carriage for your load from a verified carrier.

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Fix the starting price for the transport of goods, carriers and forwarders will then submit offers in a Dutch auction.

Bidding + Buy Now

The users can decide if they wish to immediately submit an offer which will end the auction using the Buy Now option, or take part in an auction.

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Win new business opportunities. It's really simple!

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Load packages / General Exchange

Registration and owning an account on Infracht General Exchange are always free.

Fees for posting loads are collected according to the following price list:

79.00 PLN

valid for: 30 days

Package of 100 loads

139.00 PLN

valid for: 30 days

Package of 500 loads

209.00 PLN

valid for: 30 days

The most popular

Package of 1000 loads

279.00 PLN

valid for: 30 days

Unlimited package of loads

3348.00 PLN

2845.80 PLN

valid for: 365 days


Unlimited package of loads

All loads posted by the user are deducted from the package.

All prices given are net prices.