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Time slots

The time slots module lets you create schedules of warehouse operation and manage notices.

Improves the punctuality of loadings and unloadings of goods, shortens the waiting time of drivers and reduces the occupancy of the loading area. Booking of time slots is made online and available 24/7.

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elimination of queues at warehouses

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up to 3 h shorter time of waiting for loading or unloading

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shortening of loading and unloading time

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80% less phone calls to arrange the notice details

Notices of time slots

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The app enables carriers to book time slots online by themselves by selecting and filling out a proper box in the electronic calendar. All changes to the bookings are saved to ensure the transparency of arrangements.

The logistics department can edit all notices reported by suppliers.

Management of multiple warehouses and docks

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Time slots allow to manage all warehouses available on the company premises, providing full transparency in the flow of information between the logistics department, the gate, the warehouse and the carrier.

- editing warehouse work schedules
- supporting the work of warehouses
- online interaction with the gate

Electronic circulation of documents

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The ability to attach transport documents directly to individual notices enhances and speeds up their circulation between companies and subcontractors.

After attaching documents to the selected notice or load, users may view and download them anytime.

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Easier control of vehicles at the entrance gate

Using the online preview of all notices, the gate employee can verify the cars and drivers and approve of their entry to the company premises.

With its simplified app interface, the tool is popular among employees working at gates.

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Improving the punctuality of cars

Full transparency of notice processes and ability to generate reports concerning the vehicle arrival and departure times encourages drivers to be more punctual.

The app can improve the punctuality of drivers by up to 60%.

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Manage, correct, improve

The app provides data e.g. on the time of waiting for loading and unloading, time of delivery completion and the moment when the driver left the company premises.

Generating reports and KPIs enables you to analyze the situation and improve the efficiency of warehouses.