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Infracht delivers comprehensive software for logistics which streamlines transport management, simplifying and accelerating communication between customers, forwarders and carriers.

Offering the system in a service model (software as a service) supports large, medium and small enterprises in digitalizing the work of transport and logistics specialists. Implementing Infracht Logistics Platform enhances the effectiveness of departments, optimizes the processes and reduces transport costs.



Infracht is people. The structure of the organization is based on logistics specialists and IT engineers with many years of expertise. Customer service is also a significant part of the organization. Its employees act as the actual showcase of our company when talking to existing and future customers. We value the team most because we believe that it is our privilege and advantage to work daily with people sharing the company values, i.e. honesty, professional approach and partnership.


Our goal is to develop and improve logistics tools that will increase the effectiveness of logistics teams through the optimization and digitalization of processes. We take great care to ensure that the software we deliver is intuitive and thus easy to operate for customers and carriers, as well as easy and seamless to implement.

Our customers include manufacturers and forwarding specialists.