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e-Tenders – strategic management of transport

The tender management module makes it possible to run competitions of offers for transport contracts among subcontractors invited by the customer. This allows to obtain and compare the optimum number of offers in order to pick the best ones, thus reducing the time devoted for searching suitable partners.

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shorter time of tenders arrangement

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ensures wider selection of offers

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facilitates the decision making process

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optimizes transport costs

Digitalization of the ordering process

The arrangement and management of tenders using the app sets in order and accelerates the work of logistics and purchasing department through the digitalization and automation of the tendering process. Benefits of implementing the module:

  • reduction of transport costs
  • electronic collection of tender offers from carriers
  • total control over the selection of subcontractors
  • exporting data to the catalogue of prices and routes (pricebook) based on the information obtained from tenders
  • the entire history of tender arrangements is always available in a single system
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Automatic collection of tender offers from carriers - reduction of transport costs and optimization of logistics department working time


The e-tender module allows electronic and automatic storage of offers from all invited subcontractors, eliminating unnecessary emails and phone calls.


A wide variety of offers from the market enables the choice of optimum options, bringing you transport cost savings of up to 20%.

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Catalogue of prices and routes

The e-tender module enables the conversion of data to the catalogue of prices and routes (pricebook) based on the information obtained from tenders.

The system supports the selection of carriers and the creation of rate lists for particular routes, limiting the whole process to several clicks.

Opportunity to invite new carriers to the tender

The database of Infracht platform carriers includes 10,000 transport companies. Each company registered on the platform is verified, with the complete freight certification archived and available in the partner profile. The company information also includes details of the carrier's fleet and routes they operate.

Detailed information on carriers makes it possible to invite to tender more companies meeting the individual criteria of the company ordering transport.

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Data repository - transparency of processes

Automatic archiving of information concerning the course of a tender in one database provides a broad spectrum for the analysis of rates and expenses, and the insight into the history of cooperation with carriers.

Online access to tender documentation assures full control and transparency when choosing subcontractors.