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General Exchange / Carrier

Infracht General Exchange is the first B2B freight exchange in Poland, connecting carriers, customers and freight forwarders without contracts, subscription, or hidden charges.

General Exchange provides carriers with access to attractive loads from the market without any charges

Win new loads, increase profits and reduce dead mileage.

Grow your business with Infracht General Exchange.


Win new transport orders for your company

Whether you represent a big transport company or are an independent carrier, our goal is to guarantee you access to new loads that satisfy your needs from reliable customers and forwarders.

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Reduce dead mileage

Dead mileage leads to economic loss. Optimum use of vehicles and their space is the key factor in ensuring the profitability of your transportation services.

Improve the efficiency of your fleet using available loads easily accessible on Infracht General Exchange.

Work with approved customers and forwarders only

To guarantee the carriers maximum level of security while using our services, we audit the most important documents of companies ordering transport.


For you we check:

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registration documents of companies ordering transport

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freight forwarder's liability insurance and the forwarding licence

Use different methods of obtaining loads


Find an interesting load and submit an offer. You determine the amount you offer for the carriage of goods. Your offer will be visible to the customer only.

Buy Now

Find an interesting load and submit your offer which will end the auction automatically.

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Make offers and outbid other users' rates in a Dutch auction, until the bidding ends.

Bidding + Buy Now

Choosing the Buy Now option ends the auction automatically. If you prefer to know the final price of the load, bid.


Win new transport orders without any charges on Infracht General Exchange!