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Become a Trusted Carrier

Infracht Logistics Platform is an easy to use app which will allow your company to establish close cooperation with many Trusted Customers.

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Manufacturing and forwarding companies may invite your company to cooperate.

By accepting their invitations, you will gain direct access to loads of these companies on the platform.

Customers send out invitations for cooperation by email.

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All loads from trusted contractors on a single platform

You have the ability to enter into cooperation with many manufacturing, commercial and forwarding companies – loads from all Trusted Customers are managed through a single logistics platform.

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The potential of your company may be visible to the entire community of the Logistics Platform

If you haven't received an invitation from a customer yet, sign up today and fill out your carrier profile.

Let the customers see the potential of your company!

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Why should you become a Trusted Carrier?

First-hand loads

Receive information on loads directly from trusted manufacturing and forwarding companies.

As a Trusted Carrier, you have priority to receive messages of your partners' loads.

Faster circulation of documents

You can include transportation documents in the load on the platform, also through a phone or a tablet.

Faster circulation of documents allows you to issue an invoice sooner, shortening the time of waiting for the customer's payment.

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Loads matching your fleet and route directions

You can decide what loads you wish to be informed about – the system allows you to set up relevant filters for email notifications.

Notice of time slots

If the customer you cooperate with uses the time slots module, you can book the date of loading and unloading by yourself in work schedules of warehouses available online.

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Opportunity to fill out the driver's details and registration numbers on your own

You may add and update the information in the system by yourself, without the need to contact the forwarder by phone or by email.

Enhance your work and reduce the number of phone calls!


Confirmation of loading and unloading in the system

No need to call the customer to inform them of the vehicle loading or unloading, all data can be entered online on the Logistics Platform whenever it's convenient for you.


Long-term cooperation with a customer

Participation in e-tenders gives your company the chance for entering into a long-term cooperation with shippers.

Submit offers and let your company grow fast!

Opportunity to build networks of new contacts and continuous relations with customers

Join the transport community, establish new contacts and enhance cooperation with shippers and forwarders.

Internet access is enough – information on loads is provided via email or web browser, wherever you are.

Access to Infracht General Exchange

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