Logistics Platform

Logistics software delivered in SaaS service model

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Digitalization of transport logistics - your competitive advantage

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Infracht Logistics Platform optimizes logistics processes

The software streamlines and sets in order the cooperation between manufacturers, transport managers and carriers, and automates the process of communication and assigning transport orders to carriers.

The Logistics Platform also includes modules for arranging e-tenders and effective warehouse management.

The software is dedicated to manufacturing, commercial and forwarding companies.

Kamila Krawczyk-Kunert Export Specialist - Ferax Sp. z o.o.

Every day, we ship our goods to various parts of Europe, which requires contact with a number of carriers. The system allowed us to significantly limit the time needed for phone and email contact with carriers and transfer the communication to the logistics platform, so that the entire history of transactions remains in one place dedicated to transport management. This provided us with time which we can allocate to other urgent issues in our department.

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Adapt the Logistics Platform to your needs by selecting necessary components



  • systemic running of competitions of offers for transport contracts
  • automatic collection of tender offers from subcontractors
  • total control over the selection of subcontractors
  • reduction of transport costs


Transport Ordering

  • online communication within the supply chain
  • management of information on service providers
  • assignment of contract and spot loads: manual, automatic, price list based
  • three options of spot sales of loads: RFP, Buy Now, auction
  • Monitoring of loadings and unloadings
  • electronic circulation of documents
  • notices
  • cost analyses


Time Slots

  • developing warehouse operation schedules
  • notice management (loadings, unloadings)
  • gate management (registration of transports)
  • improving the punctuality of loadings and unloadings of goods
  • elimination of queues at warehouses
  • generation of reports
  • electronic circulation of documents


General Exchange

  • access to thousands of registered and approved carriers
  • available information on vehicles, trailers and routes served
  • insight into carriers' and forwarders' documents
  • an opportunity to use the General Exchange without contracts or subscription





10 000


Łukasz Olchowski Purchasing and Logistics Coordinator - UNIMOT

As an independent importer and distributor of liquid and gaseous fuels, we were committed to introduce a system that would reduce the costs of transportation and improve the workflow. With the system implementation, we managed to optimize processes within the scope of load arrangement and deliveries. We also gained a 100% transparency in transportation processes, from the moment of inviting a carrier to cooperate to delivering the load to its destination.

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Achieve better results

Increase the efficiency of the logistics department without the need to expand your team.

Reduce costs

You can optimize transport costs by up to 20%.

A component platform - use only the solutions you need

The ability to flexibly match the modules to the needs of your company will let you optimize internal processes without unnecessary financial expenses, leaving the way open for the future expansion of the platform with more modules.

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Real-time data

Stay up-to-date with who submitted an offer for you and what is going on with your shipment.

Transport community

Expand your network of contractors though access to 10,000 reliable transport companies.

Transfer your to-date communication with subcontractors to a single platform

Build relationships, expand your contact network and sell your loads more effectively

App available through a browser

Use the system from anywhere and on any device with the website's responsive structure and cloud infrastructure.