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Łukasz Olchowski Purchasing and Logistics Coordinator - UNIMOT

As an independent importer and distributor of liquid and gaseous fuels, we were committed to introduce a system that would reduce the costs of transportation and improve the workflow. With the system implementation, we managed to optimize processes within the scope of load arrangement and deliveries. We also gained a 100% transparency in transportation processes, from the moment of inviting a carrier to cooperate to delivering the load to its destination.

Wojciech Stodolski Logistics Specialist - Stölzle Glass Group

The implementation of Infracht app in Stölzle Glass Group improved the efficiency of the logistics department and enhanced many processes, including the selection of subcontractors and the optimization of transport rates of goods. The use of the request for proposal has proven that the most expensive and the cheapest offers from our carriers can differ up to 33%! Introducing the notice module provided greater control over the process of delivering loads and streamlined the flow of information about transport companies executing orders.

Mariusz Sapiołka Purchasing Specialist - Multi Packaging Solutions

The logistics platform delivered by Infracht is a tool we have been searching for for a long time. The system is transparent and highly intuitive, which makes it very easy to operate both by our employees and carriers. With the help of Infracht team, the implementation of the platform in our company went smoothly and seamlessly.

Krzysztof Rajkiewicz Transport Specialist - Swiss Krono

Infracht Platform definitely facilitates cooperation with carriers, simplifies the procedure of checking current rates and reduces the working time of logisticians on arranging the transport. The decrease in transport costs is also of no little importance.

Kamila Krawczyk-Kunert Export Specialist - Ferax Sp. z o. o.

Every day, we ship our goods to various parts of Europe, which requires contact with a number of carriers. The system allowed us to significantly limit the time needed for phone and email contact with carriers and transfer the communication to the logistics platform, so that the entire history of transactions remains in one place dedicated to transport management. This provided us with time which we can allocate to other urgent issues in our department.