Fees and commissions

Appendix 1. Fees and Commissions for Infracht Users


1.1. Customer

1. In order to post loads on the Infracht General Exchange, Customers must possess active packages of loads. Depending on the number of loads posted, Customers can purchase suitable packages: 100, 500, 1000 or NO LIMIT of loads, valid for 30 days from the purchase date. All loads posted by the Customer are deducted from the package.

2. Package prices are presented in the table below. The prices given are net prices.

Fees for posting loads are collected according to the following price list:

79.00 PLN

valid for: 30 days

Package of 100 loads

139.00 PLN

valid for: 30 days

Package of 500 loads

209.00 PLN

valid for: 30 days

The most popular

Package of 1000 loads

279.00 PLN

valid for: 30 days

Unlimited package of loads

3348.00 PLN

2845.80 PLN

valid for: 365 days


Unlimited package of loads

All loads posted by the user are deducted from the package.

All prices quoted are net prices.

Moreover, Customers have the opportunity to buy a NO LIMIT package, valid for 365 days (1 year). Users purchasing the NO LIMIT 365-day package receive a 15% discount. The cost of the NO LIMIT 365-day package including 15% discount is 2,845.80 PLN net.

Note: Infracht Sp. z o.o. issues an invoice for a full package; it is not possible to deduct loads remaining to be posted from the package price.

3. An invoice for the package purchased shall be issued within 7 days from the purchase date and sent by email as a pdf to the address given by the User in the registration form, payable within 7 days.

1.2. Carrier

Access to the General Exchange and winning loads on the General Exchange are free for Carriers.


2.1. Customer

The Customer bears the costs of launching the module for ordering transport to Trusted Carriers according to a separate services contract.

2.2. Carrier

Carriers do not bear costs of access to loads posted to Trusted Carriers by their Trusted Customers.

Carriers shall be charged with commissions after winning/being assigned a load by a Trusted Customer. The amount of commission due to Infracht for winning/assigning a load is:

0.5% of the transport service value, not less than 4 PLN net, not exceeding 12 PLN net

and is charged according to the following principles:

  1. The commission depends on the final price the Customer should pay for the transport service, i.e. in the case of:
    1. Reverse Auction – the lowest price that has reached the level of a starting price, offered for the transport service at the moment of the knock-down,
    2. Buy Now Auction – the Buy Now Price,
    3. Reverse Auction with Buy Now option – the Buy Now Price or, in the case of an auction, the lowest price that has reached the level of a starting price, offered for a transport service at the moment of the knock-down,
    4. An RFP – the offer chosen by the Customer,
    5. Assigning of the Load – the price defined by the Trusted Customer.
  2. The commission in PLN is accrued at the moment of the knock-down or the end of an auction via the Buy Now option or, in case of an RFP, at the moment of assigning the Load. If the value of the transport service is denominated in a currency other than PLN, the commission is recalculated to PLN using the average exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland as of the last business day preceding the day the commission is accrued.
  3. If the Load is cancelled by the Trusted Customer, the Trusted Carrier is entitled to the reimbursement of the commission accrued.
  4. Starting, Buy Now and Suggested Prices set by Customers are net prices. The user who won an Auction or an RFP and is not a VAT-payer is obliged to issue the Customer with an invoice excluding VAT tax of the amount which made it possible to win the auction. In the case of an active VAT-payer, the tax should be calculated on a VAT invoice and amount to the value proper for the type of service provided.
  5. Under particularly justified circumstances, when the contract is not executed for reasons attributable to the Customer, Infracht Sp. z o.o. can reimburse the Carrier with the commission payable for winning/assigning the load. The reimbursement is made provided that the Carrier files a complaint within 30 days from the day the transport service was to be rendered.
  6. The settlement period for commissions shall be one calendar month.
  7. The settlement between Infracht and a Trusted Carrier shall be based on VAT invoices. The invoices will be issued at the end of each calendar month and payable within 14 days, based on the details entered to the system during User registration and sent by email to the User to the address provided during registration, to which the User expresses consent.


  1. Invoice charges are made through a traditional bank transfer to a bank account specified on the invoice.
  2. Complaints on incorrect data included in invoices should be sent to info@infracht.com.
  3. Infracht Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to alter the prices of services. Moreover, introducing promotion periods is possible, the details of which will be agreed separately in writing.
  4. Settling liabilities towards the remaining Platform Users takes place without Infracht Sp. z o.o.'s intermediation. However, the Platform Owner reserves the right to block the account of a User who is in arrears with payment towards other Users for transactions entered into via the Platform according to the provisions of the Terms of Use.
  5. It is forbidden to transfer the costs of purchase of packages to the Carrier/Supplier of the transport service.
  6. It is forbidden to transfer the costs of the commission to the Customer.

This document is valid from 9th September 2019. The previous version can be found here.