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The "Trusted Partners" Private Exchange is a system allowing to introduce an internal load exchange in transport and logistics departments of manufacturing and trading companies.

The Private Exchange improves work organization, automates communication and enhances the sales of loads among trusted contractors of the company, providing savings.

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Optimization of load sales among trusted partners

The system delivers many solutions improving the everyday work of transport and logistics departments, which results in more load selling opportunities. The Private Exchange ensures:

01 ability to expand your contact databases with new transport companies

02 ability to inform all contractors of the company or particular groups of new loads with one click

03 real-time access to information on the carriers' activity regarding the posted loads (who submitted an offer, who viewed the load, who is not interested)

04 monitoring of goods loading/unloading statuses

05 access to loads currently posted by you and all company employees

06 access to the history of all loads posted in the company

07 ability to generate reports

08 integration with TMS systems

The Private Exchange facilitates and reduces the time of communication between the customer and the Trusted Carriers.

Management of information on carriers in the company

The Private Exchange enables you to add trusted contractors to the system. Only the companies you wish to cooperate with will be included on the list. You can also expand the contact databases with external companies, provided that the client agrees and requests it. Thanks to this:

you are certain that your loads are visible only to the companies you wish to inform about the load

you gain the ability to precisely divide the contacts into segments, so that the information of the load reaches the right group of recipients

Precise definition of load recipients

The Customer can create a group of Trusted Carriers according to their own criteria, e.g. region the carriers come from, their speciality, trailer type.

Dedicating a load to all Trusted Carriers of the company or particular groups guarantees that:

  • limitation of manual work
  • the information on available loads is precisely conveyed to desired carriers
  • a better load response rate
  • the team works faster and more effectively (less phone calls, chat/email communication), which results in more load selling opportunities

Methods of posting loads

The system offers three methods of posting loads that match the users' needs, allowing them to optimize transport rates, sell the load quickly or obtain and compare offers.


Fix the starting price for the transport of goods, carriers will then submit offers in a Dutch auction.

Buy Now

Determine the Buy Now price and receive an offer of transport for your load from a carrier.


Post a load and receive price offers from carriers. Pick the best one according to your preferences.

Automation of communication with carriers

The system notifies carriers of new loads from your company on an ongoing basis. Thanks to this, the platform operates smoothly. You are guaranteed a high response rate and rapid reaction of carriers to the load. When you post a load:

carriers can see your load in the system and receive email notifications

carriers can submit offers by email or through the system

all offers and carriers' responses are updated in the system in real time

when the offer is accepted by the customer or the auction is finished, the results are sent to the participants by email

Real-time monitoring of responses to loads

The Private Exchange enables the real-time monitoring of the activities of carriers and offers submitted by them. The data are displayed in the form of a status list. Thanks to this option, you can see in real time who:

  • has submitted an offer,
  • is not interested in the load
  • has viewed the load

Monitoring of loading/unloading statuses

Customers pay much attention to the actual, not only the planned delivery time to the destination place. In Infracht, carriers are able to remotely confirm the loading and unloading to the customer. Information is updated in real time and visible to the customer in the system.


greater control of the customer over the goods delivery process

less phone calls and emails from employees to confirm the loading or unloading

access to the transport status from any place


The Private Exchange can be integrated with the existing company IT infrastructure, which brings the following advantages:

  • the employee enters the load data into the system only once
  • after the load is sold via the platform, transport orders are generated automatically in a TMS system

Benefit for users:

less manual work

optimization of transport ordering processes

enhancement of everyday work

Insight into all company's loads

The System ensures an insight into information on all loads posted by employees of the entire company. Thanks to this, as a manager, you will gain insight into the statistics of the loads sold and the related costs. Advantages:

01 a monitoring tool for logistics managers

02 Insight into the history of executed/non-executed transport from the entire company (helpful e.g. when training new employees)

03 potential optimisation of transport





The posted load can be viewed by all carriers registered on Infracht.

In the Private Exchange system, you can also post a load on the General Exchange with one click.

Benefits of using the "Trusted Partners" Private Exchange

  • more load selling opportunities
  • more efficient workflow
  • automation of communication between company employees and Trusted Carriers
  • time saving
  • optimization of transport rates
  • safety/transparency
  • personalized IT tool for your company
  • no need for deployment, unlike classic IT systems (SaaS model)
  • no costs related to installation and maintenance of software and hardware or the work of IT specialists
  • the collected and processed data are stored in the cloud, which guarantees their safety and high availability

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