Carrier / Private Exchange

Become a Trusted Carrier and gain access to loads of many trusted companies in one location

The carrier who is invited to the group of Trusted Carriers by manufacturing and/or forwarding companies using the Private Exchange system gains access to all their loads in one location.

Every carrier can start cooperation with many companies and build their own network of contacts.

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As a Trusted Carrier, you will gain:

  • direct access to loads from trusted manufacturing companies
  • access to loads from trusted forwarding companies
  • access to loads that are never traded on public exchanges
  • loads matching the routes you operate and your fleet
  • opportunity to respond to a load from any location
  • opportunity to build networks of new contacts and continuous relations with customers
  • free access to Infracht General Exchange
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The Private Exchange facilitates and reduces the time of communication between the customer and the Trusted Carriers

Access to loads posted for Trusted Carriers

Trusted Carriers are the first to be informed of new loads posted by their contractors, winning a chance for access to the most attractive orders.

Don't waste time! Become a Trusted Carrier of many companies and win unique loads.

Cooperation with the best customers and developing the prestigious image of your company

The Private Exchange lets you start and strengthen the cooperation with many transport ordering companies.

  • You decide whether you wish to become the Trusted Carrier of the company inviting to cooperate
  • You get a real chance of expanding your business contact network and establish long-term cooperation

Loads adapted to your needs

Information of loads will precisely match the transport capacity of your fleet. When sending the information of loads to their Trusted Carriers, the Customer selects them taking into account:

  • fleet they have at their disposal
  • routes they operate most often
  • region they are headquartered in

Interesting load? Respond immediately, regardless of your location

The Private Exchange system informs Trusted Carriers about loads from Trusted Customers in real time. The Carrier can respond to a request through:

Infracht system

e‑mail message received from the platform

Just click on the appropriate button to accept or reject an offer.

In this way, regardless of whether you are at the office or outside, you will be able to quickly respond to attractive offers, not missing any chances for winning a load.





The General Exchange is an integral part of Infracht and complements the Private Exchange

01 apart from information on loads from Trusted Customers, you also have access to loads on Infracht General Exchange

02 loads from the General and Private Exchange are displayed in separate tabs, allowing you to see the ones posted by your Trusted Customers

03 the General Exchange tab gives you access to loads from other companies with whom you can also establish a long-term relationship

Easier and faster communication with the customer

01 on the list of loads, you can see that you submitted an offer, viewed a load or marked it as non-interesting

02 you don't waste your time on the repeated analysis of the same load

03 you can easily distinguish new loads

04 you avoid unnecessary phone calls and correspondence with the customer

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