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Infracht offers the two following tools: General Exchange and Private Exchange. Use both of these solutions to work even more effectively.





General Exchange

Charges for posting loads are collected according to the following price list:

Registration and possessing an account on Infracht General Exchange is always free.

79.00 PLN

validity: 30 days

Package of 100 loads

139.00 PLN

validity: 30 days

Package of 500 loads

209.00 PLN

validity: 30 days

The most popular

Package of 1000 loads

279.00 PLN

validity: 30 days

Package with No limit of loads

3348.00 PLN

2845.80 PLN

validity: 365 days


Package with No limit of loads

All loads posted by the user are deducted from the package. Packages are valid for 30 days from the purchase date.

All prices quoted are net prices.

Check the Terms of Use for details

check the details

Private Exchange

According to the contract, the customer is charged with the one-time cost of activating the "Trusted Partners" Private Exchange.

Using the services of "Trusted Partners" Private Exchange after the system activation is free for customers.

01 posting loads in 3 available options (RFP, Buy Now, Auction)

02 ability to create and manage the database of Trusted Carriers of a company

03 dedicating loads to all Trusted Carriers and groups of Trusted Carriers

04 access to tools that automate the communication between the forwarder and Trusted Carriers

05 real-time access to information on the carriers' activity regarding posted loads (who submitted an offer, who viewed the load, who is not interested)

06 insight into all loads posted by employees of the whole company

07 unlimited number of company accounts available for your employees

08 ability to generate reports

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